Adam W. Dace, Internet Professional

Adam Dace’s career in Information Technology began at the age of 13 in his parent’s spare room. He received a Commodore 64 computer and tape drive(that’s right, audio cassette tape!) for Christmas and, with a small amount of school training, was on his way to becoming an expert in various parts of IT.

By age 14, he had a telephone-based BBS up and running with a whopping 2.5MB online(a lot, at the time).

Once he got out on his own in the world, something quite interesting happened. While away at college, he’d heard of this wonderful new Operating System known as Linux. The only way to get a copy, at the time, was to download floppies and floppies worth of data, create your own install media, etc.

This led him to get onto this curious thing at the time known as the Internet. So, he found the one ISP in town at the time, signed up for an account and away he went. While checking out other customer’s setups he ran into a guy named Adam Harris. It just so happened he was in the middle of starting up a business with Stelios Valavanis that would be called onShore(

From that day forward, he had a career. From PC troubleshooting / repair, to Systems Administration, and eventually Development, Adam had a lot of fun working with onShore. However, the folks at onShore eventually decided to get out of the Development and Systems businesses to focus more on troubleshooting and support.