Saying Goodbye To

It may take a while(unfortunately, GoDaddy reserves the right to hang on to an expired domain up to 1 year), but I’m happy to say I’m finally done with having a major Internet domain to take care of.

My apologies to those who may be reading this trying to get ahold of the name, but at this point the next owner of is quite literally out of my hands.
It hasn’t been so bad. With a combination of GoDaddy and Google, somehow I’m still getting my e-mail and I’ve finally said my goodbyes to Google Apps. A decent product, to be sure, but a lot of work just to maintain. Now I’m just a consumer, once again.
BTW, if anyone happens to hear what happened to this domain, I’d definitely like to know. Please let me know either here or drop me a note via e-mail.

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