Blogging 101

This is mostly for myself, but I wanted to document somewhere the various things I’ve learned from starting a couple of blogs in terms of how to integrate them into various parts of the Internet.

For the moment, this article will be rather sparse, but I’ll fill it in later.

Required Items:

Alexa Toolbar – This toolbar will tell you quite a bit about what the rest of the world thinks of your site. Use it long enough, and in exchange for Alexa monitoring your web habits you’ll receive some really interesting stats on how popular your website is in relative terms with the rest of the Internet.

Blogging Tool (i.e. Blogger) – One has to write their blog with something, after all.

Syndication Tool (i.e. Feedburner) – I’ve no idea why, but simply setting up Feedburner seems to have increased my traffic a bit. It also just makes your blog friendly, for those who wish to subscribe.

Optional Items:

Monitization Tool (i.e. OpenX Adserver) – Hey, I might make money at this someday. Why not. 🙂

PageRank Tool (i.e. Google Toolbar) – For those of us having a hard time getting indexed by Google, or just curious as to what your PageRank is…I don’t think there’s really any other way to find out.

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