Hello world!

This is my very first WordPress post.  Please pardon my dust, I’m working on converting from Blogger to WordPress.  Thank you!


XBox Live

Well, I guess this is something to talk about. Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time(and money) wiring my home up the wing-wang. Anyways, if you’re someone I know(or have known) hit me up and we can play some Halo: Reach.

So far I’ve got to say, it’s pretty awesome. Though it signs me out a lot. ):

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Looking On The Bright Side

I thought I’d write about the good things available in and around Huntley, versus the things I just plain don’t like about the area. Over the next few months I’m going to write entries that focus on some of the things I really dig about living out here, and hopefully I can get some pictures going as well. We’ll see.

It may seem rather boring, but besides the usual bars and shopping around the city, there’s also a few places that I really enjoy. A quick list includes bowling, groceries, and a health club.

So I’m Living In Huntley, IL USA

and I’m pondering what exactly this blog should look like for the future. I’d like to keep it somewhat interesting for others to read and yet start to chronicle my personal life as well as more technical tips as I come across them.
So. I’ve decided I’ll update this blog on an ongoing monthly basis, and what will be in those entries will vary. Besides a look into my life, I’ll try to include other topics as they cross my mind. Fair warning, they may seem pretty boring on the outset.
But still, for anyone with some spare time, they’ll get an interesting look into what life is in suburban America. At least it’ll be a little bit different than most people’s Facebook entries. I apologize I can’t promise much in terms of multimedia, but I will be trying to borrow my parent’s digital camera and will see what I can put together with that.
Update: Some days, I can’t believe technology.  I now have a camera that does video and stills.

Pictures can be found here: Flickr Tag